Listen to FSB’s Aaron McHardy “Momentum” Interview

Our partners at FIFA Soccer Blog have bagged a unique interview with FIFA Producer Aaron McHardy about the emotive subject of Momentum, Scripting, Simply having a bad game. Call it whatever you like.

It’s probably the most discussed topic on the FIFA boards ever and one that’s divided the community in a bigger way than the manual vs assisted debate could ever hope to.

EA are steadfast in their denial but there are groups that are having none of it and firmly believe that some form of scripting exists to weigh in on the outcome of matches. Given that it’s such a massive issue for some people FSB put together a list of questions related to the topic and sent them over to EA.

Romily Broad then sat game play producer Aaron Mchardy down and got him to work through them, reading each question out before answering, giving us the Dev teams perspective on things.

Check out Aaron’s 20 minutes of explanation, straight from the horses mouth so to speak, over at FSB’s Momentum: Aaron McHardy Interview.

By Dave Witts

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