FIFA 13 | Play a Pro – Dave Bytheway Second Game

After losing 2-1 in the first game against TCM DaveBTW, it was now time to face him for the next game in the best of three series. Dave had a lot of possession in the last game and I made a lot of defensive errors, sloppy defending and not getting close enough to his attackers to stop him getting his shots on goal.

Can I win this second game and take the game to a third match, If I do it will take a lot of changes from the first game!


TCM DaveBTW’s achievements:

  • 3rd at European Console League #2 (recently re-branded to European Gaming League)
  • Top 6 at European Gaming League #3
  • 3rd at Multiplay i43
  • Top 64 Virgin Gaming Challenge Series
  • 1st at Multiplay i46
  • Top 16 Electronic Sports World Cup

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