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Thanks to our partners at Virgin Gaming they have released all the Vegas rules for all games, Tournament start times, FAQs, in fact  everything you need to know about Vegas – you can find it here.

Vegas rules for all games. Tournament start times. FAQs. Everything you need to know about Vegas - you can find it here.

Vegas Rules, FAQ’s, etc…

Live FIFA 13 Finals Schedule

All games to be played on Saturday February 9th 2013 and the timings are as follows:

Timings for the EA SPORTS FIFA Challenge Series

EA SPORTS FIFA Challenge Series | Timings

The EA SPORTS™ FIFA 13 Challenge Series Live Event Rules

The complete rule set for the event can be found here.  Please find here our extract of the key rules:

  • You may bring your own controller
  • Be on your best behavior 😉
    • No excessive use of vulgar language
    • Standing on chairs, tables, or other tournament equipment is strictly prohibited
    • Verbal abuse of Referees and other Tournament Officials is strictly prohibited
    • Inciting Spectators into taunting another Player is strictly prohibited
    • Inappropriate physical contact with any Opponent, Spectator, Referee of Tournament Official is strictly prohibited
    • Throwing anything at another Player/spectator or into the crowd is strictly prohibited.
  • Yippee – No custom formations allowed

Grand Final Live in Las Vegas

The Grand Final in Las Vegas on 9th February 2013, will see 256 finalists battle it out in the annual FIFA 13 tournament exclusively on PlayStation 3 to decide which player walks away with a massive $140,000 grand prize. Last year UK FIFA champion Adam Winster walked away with the massive winners cheque for $167,000, can you do it this year?

Live Finals Prizes and Prize Restrictions

Prizes for winners of the live Finals will be awarded in the form of deposits into the winner’s Virgin Gaming account. Winners must be present at the Live Finals to claim their prize. Prizes will be as follows:

Live Final Prizes
Prizes Description Payout
Grand Prize Winner will receive $140000 USD
Runner-Up Prize The Finalist who ranks 2nd will receive $40000 USD
3rd to 4th Place Finalists who rank between 3rd and 4th will receive $8000 USD
5th to 8th Place Finalists who rank between 5th and 8th will receive $3300 USD
9th to 16th Place Finalists who rank between 9th and 16th will receive $1750 USD
17th to 32nd Place Finalists who rank between 17th and 32th will each receive $1250 USD
33rd to 64th Place Finalists who rank between 33rd and 64th will receive $1000 USD
65th to 128th Place Finalists who rank between 65th and 128th will each receive $750 USD
129th to 256th Place Finalists who rank between 129th and 256th will each receive $500 USD

Good luck to all those attending and we hope you have an amazing time out in Vegas.

Question Time

So who is your favourite to win it this year?  Vote in our question on our Facebook Fan Page to see who is the pre-tournament favourite.

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