Back of the Net: FIFA Podcast | Episode 096

Welcome to Episode 96 of the Back of the Net: FIFA Podcast in partnership with Sweetpatch TV. This is your weekly FIFA, Sports and Banter Podcast.  This week we have the legend Dave Witts on and we talk about #wishfifawouldbe,  the launch of the FIFA Masters Series, Mad Catz competitions, real life football and we ask for your best moments of the podcasts for a compilation in episode 100. We hope you listen and enjoy.

Dave getting prepared to be on #BotN96

Dave Witts on the #BotN Podcast

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  1. […] The FIFA Masters Series (FMS) is an amazing new opportunity for FIFA gamers to compete and play in a season dedicated to their favourite FIFA game at both online and offline events.  Check out all the details of its launch which will kick off at insomnia48 on 23rd March 2013 (as introduced on the Back of the Net Podcast, episode 96). […]

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