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FIFA 13 | E3 Day 1 in Review

So day 1 at E3 saw the major companies present their press conferences.  EA SPORTS FIFA slot was presented by Matt Bilbey, General Manager and Vice President of Football.

Key announcements:

  • First Gameplay Trailer was shown (you can watch it here).
  • FIFA 13 is bringing innovations to EA SPORTS Football Club (EASFC) that will elevate its role as football’s social network, and drive a deeper connection for millions of fans to the world’s sport, their friends and their favourite club when it launches this fall. (Check out press release here and latest FIFA 13 Fact Sheet).
  • A new rewards program introduced into FIFA 13 will enhance the experience for members of EA SPORTS Football Club, and a new EA SPORTS Football Club app for iPhone® and iPod® touch will keep the fans connected to their FIFA experiences and to their friends. (Check out full fact sheet here | EA SPORTS Football Club Factsheet).
  • Plus, the forthcoming FIFA 13 for iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch and later this year on Android, will now also be connected to EA SPORTS Football Club.
  • A light mention was also made of the BIG 5 gameplay innovations already announced last month.
  • Earlier the announcement had been made about Kinect integration with FIFA 13 enables you to use voice commands to manage your club’s line-up and tactics without pausing the game, shout directions on the pitch in Be A Pro, and forces you to temper the way you talk to officials. (Check out full fact sheet here | FIFA 13 with Kinect Fact Sheet).
  • 16 brand new screenshots were released covering EA SPORTS Football Club, EA SPORTS Football Club App and EA SPORTS Football Club Mobile iOS. Check out all the images here.

Of course, not forgetting you can keep track of all the FIFA 13 announcements from E3 live as they are made with our FIFA 13 @ E3 coverage.

So in summary, not massive news yet if your focus is on Gameplay and improving the game as a playable expereince, but if you play EASFC then quite a big day for you.

What were your thoughts from the press conference and what else do you hope they may announce over the next 3 days of E3?

By Dave Witts

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