FIFA 13 FIFA Masters Series (FMS)

FIFA Masters Series 2013 | Today is Show Time

As the excitement builds up to tonight’s tournament, we can guarantee it is going to be a very special night of FIFA entertainment for you all with the Back of the Net Podcast lads hosting our Live Show!  Check out all the requirements to ensure you have a fun tournament.

FIFA Masters Series (FMS) has both an offline and online element to it encouraging FIFA players to attend LAN events around the UK and also to compete online for FMS Points.  FMS points given for online events arer doubled at LAN events to encourage attendance.
FIFA Masters Series


In Preparation for Tonight

  1. Firstly, please ensure you have registered for the event at mySweetpatch.TV. Anyone who has only registered at Facebook will not be in the bracket. You MUST be entered at mySweetpatch.TV!
  2. Secondly, be in the mySweetpatch.TV Chat Room by 19:30.
  3. Thirdly, please can anyone who has already registered in the event and is now unable to attend, please can you reset your RSVP on the event to “Not attending” as the bracket will be drawn from all those that have RSVPed as “Attending“.
  4. Can you stream your matches? If so we would love to feature your matches during the tournament. Please can you add your Twitch.TV channel to the Event Wall at mySweetpatch.TV.
  5. Check out our updated rules plus a couple of requests for your help.
  6. And finally, enjoy and have an amazing time


To take part in our 2nd FMS Online Tournament you need to:

  1. Be a registered user at mySweetpatch.TV
  2. Be a registered user in our Forums (learn how to join our forums) and regularly visit and communicate in the FMS Sub-Forum
  3. Register your attendance on our mySweetpatch.TV Event
  4. On Wednesday 26th June
    1. The tournament registrations will close at 18:00
    2. All players to be in mySweetpatch TV Chat Room by 19:30
    3. Bracket will be created from 19:30 with everyone who has RSVPed
    4. Tournament will kick off by 20:00
    5. Tournament will be based on single elimination bracket with each round being Best of 1 format
    6. Tournament rules will be based on our normal 1v1 Xbox Rules
    7. Results must be reported on the mySweetpatch.TV Event Comments Wall by both players
    8. Tournament will complete in same evening

The FMS Live Show will be kicking off around 19:30 UK Time, so please join us on our Twitch TV Channel and enjoy a FIFA tournament like you have never seen before!

By Dave Witts

Hi guys, my name's Dave and football is my passion and Sweetpatch TV is my dream :-)

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