FIWC | The Machine Bruce Grannec is Crowned World Champion for the 2nd Time

French FIFA legend Bruce “The Machine” Grannec has climbed to the top of 2.5 million players to take his 2nd World Championship and be crowned the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 Champion in Madrid.

Bruce Grannec is crowned FIWC 2013 Champion
Bruce Grannec | FIWC 2013 Champion

FIWC Grand Final | Knockout Stages

The third and final day of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 Grand Final took place LIVE today (Wednesday, 8 May) and Bruce once again lifted the title as the best FIFA player in the world.  You can watch all the coverage from day 3 below.



Quarter Finals

  1. Oscar Martin (ESP) 0 – 1 Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA)
  2. August Rosenmeier (DEN) 0 – 1 (ET) Bruce Grannec (FRA)
  3. Kai Wollin (GER) 1 – 2 (ET) Andrei Torres Vivero (MEX)
  4. Rafael Riobo (ESP) 4 – 2 Andres Botero (COL)

Semi Finals

  1. Bruce Grannec (FRA) 2 – 2 (4-2 pens) Abdulaziz Alshehri (KSA)
  2. Andrei Torres Vivero (MEX) 4 – 2 (AET) Rafael Riobo (ESP) 

Grand Final

  1. Bruce Grannec (FRA) 1 – 0 Andrei Torres Vivero (MEX)

In Summary

What an exciting past few days it has been in Madrid with Third place position going to Rafael Riobo, Second place position to Andres Torres Vivero and this year’s FIWC champion is Bruce Grannec taking his 2nd World Championship.

The coverage of the event has been excellent this year with every minute of the 3 days streamed live on both Twitch TV and YouTube and the Social Media interaction has been brilliant on Twitter and Facebook.

Congratulations to the FIWC for an excellent event and a massive congratulations to the FIFA Machine himself, Bruce Grannec.

By Dave Witts

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