FIWC | The Machine Bruce Grannec is Crowned World Champion for the 2nd Time

Bruce Grannec is crowned FIWC 2013 Champion

French FIFA legend Bruce “The Machine” Grannec has climbed to the top of 2.5 million players to take his 2nd World Championship and be crowned the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 Champion in Madrid.
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FIWC | Who Will Be Crowned World Champion? (Bruce Grannec)

This year's Grand Final takes place in Madrid between 6th and 8th May

The final day of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 in Madrid is upon us and it is down to business for the remaining 8 players to see who will be crowned FIWC Champion 2013. Check out the Quarter Final Draw and watch the climax to FIWC13 live with us here.
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FIWC | Aman’s Top 8 Predictions for Grand Final 2013

FIFA 13 - FIWC 2013 Predictions (Top 8)

Our good friend Aman Seddiqi brings you his informed top 8 predictions for next month’s Grand Final. See who Aman feels will be crowned our 2013 champion and see if you feel it will be someone else.  Watch Aman’s video and let us know your predictions.
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