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insomnia46 | FIFA 12 Tournaments Announced

insomnia46 (i46) runs from 24th to 27th August at the Telford International Centre and today Multiplay have confirmed our awesome FIFA 12 tournaments for 1v1, 2v2 and New Format: FIFA Pro Clubs…

FIFA 12 @ insomnia46
insomnia46 | FIFA 12

They love FIFA at Insomnia, and each event they try to bring you some awesome FIFA activities, and this event is even more amazing than usual. They will be having their usual suite of FIFA tournaments, hosted in partnership with us! 🙂

FIFA 12 1v1 Tournament

The headline 1v1 tournament, featuring some of the best players in the country, will see some of the highest skill action, with the chance to win a share of the awesome prize pot, up to £960 will be up for grabs! This tournament will only be open to anyone with a TUP or BYOC ticket, just sign up at the event before it all starts. This takes place on the Saturday of the event.

FIFA 12 2v2 Tournament

Next up is the classic 2v2 tournament, where for just £10 you can enter a tournament with a friend, and try to win the prize pot – winner takes all! This takes place on the Monday of the event.

FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Pilot Tournament

Brand new at this event is the FIFA Pro Clubs pilot. This new and exciting way to play FIFA and has teams of 4 facing off in a mixture of formats to see who is the best all round team. Be prepared to play 4v4, 2v2 and 1v1s to earn glory for your team. This tournament is brought to you in association with Sweetpatch TV and the FVPA. Make sure you bring your Xbox Live profile on a USB memory stick to take part in this tournament. This takes place on the Sunday of the event.

Here is the current schedule, so you can plan your event in advance:

  • Friday 24th August = FIFA 12 Free Play Day – open day for any players to come along and play FIFA (FIFA 12 and FIFA Ultimate Team) against their mates and other players. We will also run mini tournaments as and when enough players are in the arena. Get signed up for the FIFA activities for the weekend during this day.
  • Saturday 25th August = Headline FIFA 12 1v1 tournament. Win up to £960. TUP and BYOC ticket holders only.
  • Sunday 26th August = FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Pilot Tournament (based on Ryder Cup format). FIFA Clubs teams of 4 players will play in a set of 4v4, 2v2 and 1v1 matches to find the i46 FIFA 12 Pro Club Champions.  Free to all event ticket holders.
  • Monday 27th August = FIFA 12 2v2 tournament + FIFA 12 Free Play Day – come along and play FIFA with your mates and enter the 2v2 tournament. £10 per team. Free to enter for TUP and BYOC ticket holders.  FIFA Free Play Day – Come and play some casual FIFA12 with some of the best players or your mates at Insomnia!


The best value if you want to take part in all of the above activity, is to grab yourself a £55 TUP ticket. This includes full weekend entry into the venue, entry into the 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments. And you can take part in the clubs tournament also! With this ticket, you can use our campsite and not have to worry about pesky hotel costs! Its the summer event, so its a great time to take advantage of this!

If you have not got your ticket to Insomnia46 yet – head on over to the tickets page and get yours now!

Online Spectators

If you are unable to attend and to ensure we provide the very best Spectator experience for you from insomnia46, we really would appreciate your feedback on what you would like to see us deliver and then we can prepare for the next month to deliver as much as is achievable for you.

So what would you like to see us provide for your Spectator enjoyment?

By Dave Witts

Hi guys, my name's Dave and football is my passion and Sweetpatch TV is my dream :-)

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