FIFA 13 | Play a Pro – First up Dave Bytheway

Today is the start of my Play a Pro Series, each episode I will be playing a professional FIFA player, talking a bit about the player as well as the game we played. Each match is a best of 3 and is my opportunity to prove myself against some of the best players in the FIFA professional scene.

My first opponent is none other than Dave ‘DaveBTW’ Bytheway. Dave is currently playing for TCM Gaming who are one of the big gaming teams out there at the moment. He has been within the FIFA scene for quite a few years now and has slowly been getting better and better. Currently he is rated as one of the best players within the UK, here is a list of some of his achievements:

  • 3rd at European Console League #2 (recently re-branded to European Gaming League)
  • Top 6 at European Gaming League #3
  • 3rd at Multiplay i43
  • Top 64 Virgin Gaming Challenge Series
  • 1st at Multiplay i46
  • Top 16 Electronic Sports World Cup

If you’d like to follow TCM Gaming and Dave you can find them at:

Hope you enjoy the video, and make sure you give me any feedback you want whether it be good or bad!

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