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EA SPORTS Game Changers

EA SPORTS Game Changers are high-profile members of the EA SPORTS community who use their expert knowledge of our games to inform, entertain and assist others. As well as exercising their talents for the benefit of the rest of the community, they also frequently work with us directly to contribute to the development and support of the games themselves with focused feedback. EA SPORTS Game Changers are independent of EA SPORTS, with separate opinions and perspectives, and are able to represent the views of the community members with whom they engage every day.

Current FIFA Game Changers include:

These guys were lucky enough to be flown out to E3 recently by EA SPORTS to check out FIFA 13.

The new EA SPORTS Game Changers website is now active, so why don’t you check it out and sign up now to help make FIFA the game you all want it to be?


Fans are encouraged to reach out to to express why you should be considered for the EA SPORTS Game Changers program by answering the following questions:

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The process to becoming a Game Changer is very selective and may take some time. Keep in mind that the number one thing you can do to get noticed is to stay active in the EA SPORTS Community and stay in contact. Whether you’re posting your game ideas on the “My Game Idea” page, creating YouTube videos with our products, or just interacting with us on Facebook/Twitter/Community Sites, your activity will be noticed.

So who is going to sign up and what do you #wishfifawouldbe?

E3 FIFA 13

FIFA 13 @ E3 is a Wrap

So as E3 comes to a close that’s a wrap for another 12 months. We hope you enjoyed all of our coverage from the event and you can find every bit of it for you below.

Please let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page what you felt about our coverage and also what you felt about what we learnt about FIFA 13 there too.

FIFA 13 @ E3

E3 is the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games and related products and takes place from June 5-7, 2012, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We will bring you all the very latest FIFA 13 news direct from the show here...

Storified by Sweetpatch TV · Fri, Jun 08 2012 17:48:22

| E3 - Innovation Unveiled: June 5-7, 2012Electronic Entertainment Expo. The annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention center. Attendee information, exhi...

Friday 8th June

And that's a wrap for another 12 months
Chris Trout Signs Off from E3 | Sweetpatch TVIt is the final day at E3 and the team tried to play as many games as they could instead of walking around all the time and doing very li...
Having a beer at the airport with @aa9skillz @Jackatack45.Rob Smith
I was about to edit Vlog Day 3 yesterday and I accidently fell asleep...... #FailJack Adams
Gotta jump on a plane soon, it's time to go back homeaa9skillz
E3 has come to an end unfortunately. Had a blast. Thanks to EA for the invite. About to crash. My annual FIFA vs PES will be up when I awakeRob Smith
Just FYI, Papi Weeps crushed the young guys here at E3. None of them could hang with the drinking, except @TheTrout91....Rob Smith
OH SNAP @wepeeler and @TheTrout91 in BFvsGF E3 vlog! LMFAORob Smith
Cant believe E3 is over already, gonna miss the bros Ive met out here.Chris
Wake up @airjapesfifa
Just landed in Vancouver after showing off the game at #E3 I'm exhausted. Need a home-cooked meal and some restSantiago Jaramillo
#E3 has been great I'll have some videos coming out really soon!! Got some really good infoaa9skillz
You guys will enjoy the E3 video from day 3, nice solid 3 minutes of me, japes and jack on Just Dance 4 lolChris
Just got back to the hotel after another excellent day in L.A! Time to kick back grab a bite and some beers with the fellas :)JP

Thursday 7th June

Final day of E3 Expo
Listen to the First FIFA 13 Podcast @ E3 | Sweetpatch TVListen to the first FIFA 13 podcast direct from E3 with your host Romily Broad who is joined by Jackattack45, Wepeeler, AA9skillz, AirJap...
Listen to the first #FIFA13 podcast - direct from #E3: with @Jackatack45 @wepeeler @aa9skillz @TheTrout91 @aa9skillzEA SPORTS FIFA
Replay the FIFA 13 E3 Live Chat | Sweetpatch TVExecutive Producer David Rutter earlier chatted live at E3 about FIFA 13. If you missed it you can watch the replay here. In this chat, M...
#FIFA13 #E3 nominations SPORTS FIFA
FIFA 13 E3 Live Chat with Dave Rutter
Rutter is signing off now - lots of work in every area of the game this year, more news on that in the coming months #FIFA13.EA SPORTS FIFA
Likely to be a Football Club level cap for #FIFA13 - still being discussed.EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 - will there be a diving option? NO. 'It would ruin the game for me.' David Rutter. And no plans for an option offline.EA SPORTS FIFA
'Super accessible skill system for everyone.' David Rutter on #FIFA13's Complete Dribbling.EA SPORTS FIFA
There will be a Football Club Catalogue in #FIFA13 where you can unlock items like kits, celebrations, #FUT coin boosts and more.EA SPORTS FIFA
Players will get an XP bonus for returning to #FIFA13, with their Football Club level and XP being carried over: SPORTS FIFA
Rutter citing Attack Intelligence and #FIFA13 1st Touch Control as the major changes between 12 and FIFA 13: SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 referees - lots of work gone into improving decisions based on the Player Impact Engine 2nd gen. Live chat: SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 defending: Defenders can push and pull, force a bad touch, trap out and shield the ball - watch the live chat: SPORTS FIFA
First snippet from the live chat is there will be a retro Manchester City kit available in the Football Club Catalogue: SPORTS FIFA
Probably not going to vlog today. Do you guys want more? I'll have my annual FIFA vs PES comparison uploading tomorrow :PRob Smith
Chris Trout's FIFA 13 E3 Interview with David Rutter & Santiago Jaramillo | Sweetpatch TVChris interviews David and Santi, mostly about the skilled dribbling, with some great Chelsea bromance going on!
AirJapes' FIFA 13 E3 Interview with Producers David Rutter & Santiago Jaramillo | Sweetpatch TVCheck out AirJapesFIFA's excellent interview at E3 with Producers David Rutter & Santiago Jaramillo.
Wepeeler's E3 Vlog #3 ft AA9Skillz, Airjapes, Chris Trout, Jackattack45 | Sweetpatch TVSick stuff! Wepeeler is having a BLAST with the guys, and E3 is soooo friggin DOPE. Thanks to EA and the NOS girls. Hope you guys enjoy w...
I uploaded a @YouTube video E3 Adventures Day 2 | Ft. Wepeeler, AA9Skillz, AirJapes, andJack Adams
day 2 of E3

Wednesday 6th June

Day 2 of the show
Wacky Motors looks cool... Smith
Watch the #FIFA13 trailer now: and subscribe so you don't miss out SPORTS FIFA
All the #FIFA13 news from #E3: And our 5 game-changing innovations: SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA I can safely say you guys are my favourite games company and I know Fifa 13 will be even better, so thank you!Ryzinho UK
@EASPORTSFIFA Will we be able to buy things like classic kits with currency or just things like the alternates?Ryzinho UK
@RyzinhoUK there will be some retro kits available, yesEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA are the player ratings going to be higher than FIFA 12 or are they going to be the same?Nathan pennington
@Nathanpenni there'll be adjustments to ratings based on real world formEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA will tackling be the same as FIFA 12?Denis Bramley
@bramley1971 defenders can now push and pull for position, use their size and strength to win the ball or force a bad touch.EA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA: Bring back the lounge pleeeeeeaaase.Ofala
@anyiofala it really wasn't being used enough (as a percentage of our total user base) to justify keeping it.EA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA any hints on cover players that will company Messi?JoeMikeFlo
@JoeMflores any additional cover stars to Messi will be announced in the coming monthsEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA Is there anything new In Ultimate team and what is that catalogue exactly?Bradley Bennett
@BradBennett11 trade on #FUT using the Football Club app and the catalogue is for you to spend credits on unlockable itemsEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA when does FIFA 13 come out? And Will the Jupiler league be in there? X HollandJoep Maigret
@joeppmaigrett no announced date yet, but later in the year - 'the fall'EA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA where can you use the kits and celebrations? what game modes are they available in?Laurence Roberts
@LorenzoBHAFC some items can be used across all game modes, others are specific, eg.: buy a rematch option in Career ModeEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA wot about the defence. Its bad enough already without all the additions to the attackFlori Dani
@FloriDaniCFC we're tuning defending to keep it balanced with the improvements to Attacking AIEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA how up to date will the teams be considering summer transfers etc.?JoeMikeFlo
@JoeMflores squads are finalised right before the game comes out, same every year :)EA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA within the app can you buy packs and players?scorrlfc97
@L0ck_and_l0ad yes, search auctions, bid and buy players #FUTEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA Will there be a different button for pushing/pulling a player when defending?Ryzinho UK
@RyzinhoUK no, same buttonEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA Can you get punished by the ref for off the ball battles/challenges? #FIFA13Laura
@LauOLau you can - and in free-kicks you can creep the wall forward and risk getting carded for that too!EA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA new goal celebrations?Jacob Blueglass
@JakeBlue_ yes, there will be some new celebrationsEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA im level 46 on fifa 12, will it carry over to 13?SickStriKez
@baseballlfan56 yes, you carry over your Football Club Level and XP into #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA Is the 1st Touch Control going to mess up attacks made by chipped through balls?Matthew Paul
@theMAFRO1 depends on the rating of the player, context of what's happening in the game - more variety and unpredictabilityEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA is the dribbling like fifa street? Where you can hold LT (xbox) and stand with the ball?Adam Drews
@adamdrews Complete Dribbling: can do it manually holding 2 triggers (but works contextually too), much closer control similar to StreetEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA what about improving quick throwings?? and better celebrations?? and making the defenders A LOT better??Darius Jules
@dariusjules_14 quick throw-ins much more polished, also new animations around taking free-kicks, ie - players will kick loose ball backEA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA Can you concede fouls whilst pushing and pulling?JC
@Coadee not just collisions - lots of off-the-ball battles between players. Defenders can push and pull for position, force bad touches.EA SPORTS FIFA
There will be an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue where you can unlock items like kits, celebrations, get #FUT coin boosts #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Gameplay changes: Attacking Intelligence, Complete Dribbling, FIFA 13 1st Touch Control, Player Impact Engine 2nd genEA SPORTS FIFA
What we can talk about for #FIFA13 right now are the gameplay changes and the Football Club app (with #FUT) / catalogue.EA SPORTS FIFA
@EASPORTSFIFA what's new in career mode?Whaley.
@Jackus_Whaley more to come on Career Mode - all we've said so far is that you can get Career Mode super scout credits through Football ClubEA SPORTS FIFA
Seen the #FIFA13 trailer, heard the news out of #E3? Any questions - we're here, now, ask away!EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13... it's BIG More behind the scenes visuals at #E3 #EASPORTSE3 SPORTS FIFA
Wepeeler's E3 Vlog #2 ft AA9Skillz, Airjapes, Chris Trout, Jackattack45 | Sweetpatch TVCheck out our man Wepeelr's Vlog #2 with the best intro known to man. That's how they roll.
@RomilyBroad and @TheTrout91 doing a little futcast action in LA
Recording the FIFA podcast with @airjapesfifa @aa9skillz @Jackatack45 @wepeeler @TheTrout91 - 1st hands-on impressions of #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Big thanks to everyone saying happy bday to me!!!! I'll make sure to vlog everything and share it with everyone! Thanks!!!!!!! Booyah!aa9skillz
#E3 has every thing girls games And cars! #datsabooyah
@AveragePriest podcast goes out tomorrow with any luck.Romily Broad

Tuesday 5th June

Day 1 of the show
The boys are turtled beached up! Smith
Putting questions to #FIFA13 producers shortly for the podcast. Anything gameplay related you wanna know?Romily Broad
Watch EA SPORTS Night Before E3 Community Event | Sweetpatch TVAt the Night Before E3 Event, EA SPORTS gave members of the Community and Game Changers a first look at the entire EA SPORTS 2012 lineup....
Just saw snoop dogg go into the fifa booth :DChris
Just saw Snoop Dog at E3. He likes FIFA I guess.Jack Adams
Gotta be real, the NOS booth is slamming Smith
Wish you were here? #FIFA13 at E3 - PICTURES! SPORTS FIFA
Watch the Full E3 FIFA 13 Press Conference | Sweetpatch TVCheck out the full E3 FIFA 13 press conference here with Matt Bilbey, General Manager and Vice President of Football. This year at E3, El...
FIFA Soccer 13 - E3 2012 Press Conferenceea
@TheTrout91 @aa9skillz @wepeeler @airjapesfifa check dmsJack Adams
It completely changes the way you play, japes trashed me because i tried to play like fifa 12 did. So it will be interestingChris
Fifa 13 has a lot of good stuff bit at the same time some annoying things. Ots gonna be hard and will take time to get used toChris
It's a bit Messi around the EA booth. #FIFA13 Tanvir
Wepeeler's E3 Vlog #1 ft AA9Skillz, Airjapes, Chris Trout, Jackattack45 | Sweetpatch TVOur man Wepeeler is at E3 with the boys, to play some FIFA and check out some games! He aims to get these vlogs up daily. All depends on ...
Just before E3 we hosted a special community event! Can you spot your favourite FIFA community members in this vid? SPORTS FIFA
I was there! (But not in the video.) Reid
For those of you that asked, contain isn't going anywhere, but it wasn't op feeling at all to me...attacking ai helps beat thatJP
EA SPORTS Night Before E3 Community Eventeasports
Played @aa9skillz and @TheTrout91in FIFA 13 last night :) big fan of the changes that have been made!JP
FIFA 13 feels great fellas. Very responsive :PRob Smith
Got questions for the #FIFA13 producers? Tweet them to us using #FIFA13KnowledgeEA SPORTS FIFA
Full press release from the #FIFA13 #E3 press conference: SPORTS FIFA
Unlocks for #FIFA13 Football Club: kits, celebrations, VP boosts, Career Mode super scout credits, FUT coin boosts, extra H2H matchesEA SPORTS FIFA
Sweetpatch TV | FIFA 13 | KSIOlajidebt's E3 Gameplay Trailer BreakdownYou've just got to love KSIOlajidebt! Check out his hilarious but actually very observant breakdown of the E3 FIFA 13 Gameplay Trailer. T...
Sweetpatch TV | FIFA 13 | E3 Day 1 in ReviewSo day 1 at E3 saw the major companies present their press conferences. EA SPORTS FIFA slot was presented by Matt Bilbey, General Manager...
#FIFA13 will also support Xbox Kinect - make subs, call out tactics and control your team through voice command: SPORTS FIFA
If you missed last nights #E3 press conference from EA, it's here. #FIFA13 Stuff starts at 35:14FIFASoccerBlog
Scored a roulette goal. #FIFA13 is perfect ;)Rob Smith
#FIFA13 | 16 New #E3 Screenshots Added TV
Listening to Rutter give a FIFA presentation. Can I play yet?Rob Smith

Monday 4th June

The day of the Conference's (including EA's)
FIFA 13 | E3 First Gameplay Trailereasportsfootball
Have a question for our #FIFA13 boss Matt Bilbey? Join us for a livechat! Use the #ASKEASPORTS hashtag!EA SPORTS FIFA
FIFA 13 Kinect Features announced | FIFA Soccer BlogWe've known for a while that FIFA 13 would incorporate some form of Kinect features - and now we know what they are. The first FIFA annou...
Lots of juice around the extra for EA SPORTS Football Club in #FIFA13 Lots of unlockable itemsAl Reid
For more screens of the #EASFC mobile app, head over to our Facebook page! #FIFA13 #FUT #EASPORTSE3EA SPORTS FIFA
The #EASFC mobile app with #FUT integration will launch on iOS first with #FIFA13. It will also be coming to Android at a later date.EA SPORTS FIFA
YOU asked for it, so WE made it. Ultimate Team is coming to your iPhone with the new #EASFC app for #FIFA13! SPORTS FIFA
#EASFC will be the heartbeat of #FIFA13! Coming to iOS & Android too! #EASPORTSE3EA SPORTS FIFA
#FIFA13 coming up! Tune in! SPORTS FIFA
Our General Manager and Vice President Matt Bilbey has taken the stage! #EASPORTSE3 #FIFA13EA SPORTS FIFA
Check out our fresh new website at!(Design team was chained to their desks working on it. How'd they do?)Virgin Gaming
Look what's arrived just in time for @EASPORTSFIFA #E3 #FIFA13 live stream :-) It's so good to be back :-) TV
These guys are getting hands on #FIFA13 later today: @TheTrout91 @Jackatack45 @airjapesfifa @aa9skillz @wepeelerRomily Broad
So there you have it, the first #FIFA13 trailer will be released today at 9pm (UK Time) Get IN! #E3FIFASoccerBlog
The first #FIFA13 trailer will be live on our YouTube channel from 9pm UK time on Monday. Subscribe now: SPORTS FIFA
Retweet if you're watching the EA E3 press conference, Monday at 9PM UK With the FIRST #FIFA13 trailer!EA SPORTS FIFA
Time to go to #E3 .....David Rutter


E3 FIFA 13

Chris Trout Signs Off from E3

It is the final day at E3 and the team tried to play as many games as they could instead of walking around all the time and doing very little. They look like they have had an amazing time there.


Also check out the E3 2012 playlist with Chris’ and all the others videos in it:


E3 FIFA 13

Listen to the First FIFA 13 Podcast @ E3

Romily Broad is at E3 where assorted media types are getting their first hands-on with FIFA 13. He joins FIFA YouTubers Airjapes, AA9Skillz, Jackatack45, TheTrout91 and Wepeeler to find out what they think of the game. Plus game-modes producer Santiago Jaramillo answers a selection of community questions.

Listen to this special FIFA 13 podcast direct from E3.

E3 FIFA 13

Wepeeler’s E3 Vlog #3 ft AA9Skillz, Airjapes, Chris Trout, Jackattack45

Sick stuff! Wepeeler is having a BLAST with the guys, and E3 is soooo friggin DOPE. Thanks to EA and the NOS girls. Hope you guys enjoy what you see and thanks for watching! That’s a BOOYAH!


We also have for you here the latest Vlog from Chris Trout (loving the chilled background music :)):


Also, we have JackAttack45’s E3 Adventures Day 2 | Ft. Wepeeler, AA9Skillz, AirJapes, and Trout91:


Check out all the other guys daily Vlogs below in the playlist: