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Virgin Gaming | FIFA 13 Gamer Training Institute (GTI)

Celebrating the unique day of 12/12/12 we wanted to bring you something very special and boy have we got it!  Our partners at Virgin Gaming have launched 37! videos in their FIFA 13 Gamer Training Institute (GTI) to take your FIFA 13 game to the next level by learning from their progressive tutorials!

Take your FIFA 13 game to the next level by learning VG's progressive tutorials!
Virgin Gaming | FIFA 13 Gamer Training Institute (GTI)

FIFA 13 Gamer Training Institute (GTI) Videos

Lesson 1: Defensive Attributes That Matter|
Lesson 2: Offensive Attributes That Matter|
Lesson 3: Team Selection|
Lesson 4: Formations 101|
Lesson 5: How To Pick Your Starting 11|
Lesson 6: Substitutions|
Lesson 7: How To Use Arena Mode|
Lesson 8: Skill Games|
Lesson 9: Defense 101|
Lesson 10: Computer Assist|
Lesson 11: Tackling|
Lesson 12: Defending Through the Center|
Lesson 13: Using Midfielders In the Back|
Lesson 14: Defending the Wings|
Lesson 15: Playing the Ball Backwards|
Lesson 16: Offense 101|
Lesson 17: Ball Possession|
Lesson 18: Build Up Play|
Lesson 19: Attacking Through the Center|
Lesson 20: Attacking Up the Wings|
Lesson 21: Crossing the Ball|
Lesson 22: Effective Skill Moves|
Lesson 23: Scoring In the Box|
Lesson 24: Scoring Outside of the Box|
Lesson 25: Defending In the Box|
Lesson 26: End of Game Strategy While Winning|
Lesson 27: End of Game Strategy While Losing|
Lesson 28: Gameplay — The Perfect Example|
Lesson 29: Complete Game Breakdown|
Lesson 30: Corner Kicks|
Lesson 31: Free Kicks|
Lesson 32: Custom Set Pieces|
Lesson 33: Penalties|
Lesson 34: Extra Time and Shootouts|
Lesson 35: Custom Formations|
Lesson 36: Custom Set Pieces|
Lesson 37: International Teams|

So did they help you improve your FIFA 13 gameplay?  If so please visit and sign up to our partners at Virgin Gaming as a show of appreciation.

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