Eurogamer Expo | Our Review of the WCG FIFA 12 UK Qualifiers

Last week saw us attend 4 days at the Eurogamer Expo in Earls Court, London where we ran the Qualifiers and Grand Final of the UK’s World Cyber Games FIFA 12 qualification process.  Check out our full review as Demetri Anastasiou was crowned UK champion and will represent us out in China at the World Final’s in November. 

Players getting ready for the Eurogamer WCG 2012 FIFA 12 PC Grand Final
Eurogamer WCG 2012 FIFA 12 PC Grand Final

Day 1 | Thursday 27th September

On the Thursday, once we had everything set up, we ran Pre-Qualifiers 5 and 6 (1 to 4 were held recently at insomnia46).  The Gadget Show’s Pollyanna Woodward kicked off the event as she played some FIFA on the Samsung Stand where the WCG Arena was located.  16 players competed in each of the pre-qualifiers and both the winner and runner up qualified for the Grand Final on the Sunday. The Final of each pre-qualifier decided who would receive a seeding in the Grand Final groups stage.  Check out the bracket and winners from each of Thursday’s pre-qualifiers:

  • Pre-Qualifier 5 | Bracket | Winner: Ty Walton | Runner Up: Guy DeRosa
  • Pre-Qualifier 6 | Bracket | Winner: Raph Snowdon | Runner Up: David Croxford

We also created a Vlog for each day of the Eurogamer Expo to show you what was going on.  Check out Day 1’s Vlog here.

Day 2 | Friday 28th September

On the Friday we ran Pre-Qualifiers 7 and 8.  16 players competed in each of the pre-qualifiers.  Check out the bracket and winners from each of Friday’s pre-qualifiers:

  • Pre-Qualifier 7 Bracket | Winner: Demetri Anastasiou | Runner Up: Richard Garland
  • Pre-Qualifier 8 | Bracket | Winner: Tom Stokes | Runner Up: Jason Mycroft

Also, check out Day 2’s Vlog here.

Day 3 | Saturday 29th September

On the Saturday we ran the final 16 player Pre-Qualifiers 9 and 10.  The highlight of the day was the warm and fun atmosphere that was introduced by the attendance of the FIFA YouTube Massive as thy supported their friend Matt K Prince who won Pre-Qualifier 10.  Check out our video of respect to the FIFA YouTube Massive here.

Check out the bracket and winners from each of Saturday’s pre-qualifiers:

  • Pre-Qualifier 9 Bracket | Winner: David Coolledge | Runner Up: Alistair Duff
  • Pre-Qualifier 10 | Bracket | Winner: Matt Prince | Runner Up: Kit Chou

Also, check out Day 3’s Vlog here.

Day 4 | Sunday 30th September | Grand Final

The Sunday was the pinnacle of the event as the 16 qualifiers competed for the title of UK WCG FIFA 12 Grand Final Champion. The Groups stage consisted of 4 groups of 4 players with the top 2 players from each group qualifying for the knockout stage.

Check out the groups and bracket from the Grand Final:

So it was a massive congratulations to Demetri Anastasiou in the end as he beat favourite Ty Walton in an excellent final and was crowned UK champion and will represent us out in China at the World Final’s in November.

Also, check out Day 4’s Vlog here as we provide comprehensive coverage of the Grand Final day.

So all in all the WCG FIFA 12 UK Qualifier at Eurogamer Expo was a massive success for us and we would like to thank the following for all their support and assistance:

  • The Samsung Team and especially Jess and the lovely Samsung Ladies
  • The Multiplay Crew with Michael “Geo” Lambert, Greg Cabe Bond and Dan “Livid” Offord
  • Mr Commentator himself, Matt Hoving
  • The awesome artists Aaron Hosannah and Luke Brabants

We really hope you enjoyed all our coverage and Vlogs from the Eurogamer Expo and we hope to see you there next year.

Good luck to Demetri out in China at the World Finals.

Finally, check out our Eurogamer Expo Gallery here:


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