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We continue to focus on  what has been announced about FIFA 15 recently.  Today we look at “Team Tactics” as now in FIFA 15 your teammates and opponents recognise what’s happening in a match and will adjust their tactics and playing style to gain the advantage. Watch the video and learn more here.

Feature in Video

Watch the EA E3 Press Conference as David Rutter introduced us to EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 and see how Team Tactics provides a new depth to our FIFA gaming experience.


Team Tactics

In FIFA 15, opponents and teammates now make decisions just like real athletes. New to FIFA 15, players now have short, medium, and long term objectives that they decide upon as a team and execute using Team Tactics. If a team is up by a goal, they might park the bus, or if they are down a goal, they might try to get it in the mixer to be more direct in attack and secure a last gasp winner. This, along with other Team Tactics and mentality choices, creates emergent and realistic gameplay moments that become part of every game.

  1. Park the Bus, In The Mixer, and Time Wasting – familiar tactics you’ll need to overcome. You’ll also be able to set your team mentality to Park the Bus to counter your opponent’s Team Tactics.
  2. You’ll see long balls pinged into the box as your AI opponent tries to get back in the game, or watch them head for the corner flag as they attempt to wind down the clock.
  3. Compared with FIFA 14, where your opponent would look to retain the ball and perhaps play conservatively, in FIFA 15 they will attempt riskier attacking runs – this gives you more variety and a more human opponent.
  4. Unrivalled Intelligence is one of the core pillars of FIFA 15.

Check out more images at EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Team Tactics article.

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