epic.TWELVE | FIFA 14 Winter Championship Saturday Kicks Off

epic.TWELVE Saturday's Players

The FIFA 14 Winter Championship has kicked off today (Saturday) at epic.TWELVE at the Kettering Conference Centre with the top 4 players qualifying for Sunday’s Grand Final and the chance of winning £500 and hardware prizes from GUNNAR Optiks and Mad Catz.  The brackets are here for all to follow throughout the day.
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insomnia48 | Coolledge and Childs are our FIFA 13 Free Play 2v2 Champions

Dave Coolledge and Mike Childs of FMeSports are our FIFA 13 2v2 Champions

The FMeSport team of Dave Coolledge and Mike Childs are crowned our FIFA 13 Free Play 2v2 casual tournament Champions beating Olly Shaw and Chris Marsh, playing as Norwich Are Garbage, in a very tight Grand Final. Check out the bracket from the tournament here too!
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